Reflection Cycles; game-changing opportunities for reflection and collaboration


If you’re an IRIS Connect customer, you are eligible to participate in our brand new course; Reflection Cycles.

So, what are Reflection Cycles?

Reflection Cycles are interactive, online, facilitated courses created to lead you through a cycle of learning, reflection, collaboration and improvement. Utilising video examples to contextualise course theory, we provide you with the tools and support to implement changes to your classroom practice.

Designed to provide engaging and impactful learning experiences, they’re certificated, so you’re recognised for your commitment to learning.

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Why it’s different

Unlike most offline and online courses, Reflections Cycles are able to uniquely combine everything shown by research to support effective professional development.

Based on this research each Reflection Cycle will:

  • Present engaging theory, research and models to digest in a variety of formats
  • Incorporate the use video to reflect upon your classroom practice to contextualise your practice against theory
  • Guide you to develop an evidence-informed hypothesis for change
  • Provide dedicated support from our expert facilitators to help you implement that change with fidelity and measure the impact
  • Set deadlines for each micro-assignment to keep you on track
  • Encourage you to share your reflective journal analysis within our platform with your course mates, building a sustainable community of practice.
  • Prompt you to participate in collaborative reflection and discussion with like-minded teaching professionals from across the globe enabling you to discuss each others’ learning and share findings.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more and register your interest.

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