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Tens of thousands of teachers around the world have revolutionised their approach to professional learning by using IRIS Connect.

Here they share their thoughts on how it’s impacted teaching and learning outcomes, saved them time and money on travel, and increased sharing and collaboration within their schools and across their trusts.

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Money and time saving

“As a school leader, I’m impressed by how IRIS Connect can be used for in-house CPD when budgets are tight. It’s so easy to develop a CPD library, which has made our CPD in-house, personalised and relevant. It’s also saved us time on having to repeat sessions by recording them and sharing with those who were absent.”

Julie Turner, Deputy Headteacher, The Hollins Technology College

“IRIS Connect has saved us money on lesson cover costs. We review over 100 teachers in our school. We couldn’t get cover everytime we wanted to see a lesson or be part of a lesson.”

Nigel Currie, Assistant Head, Huntington School

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“IRIS Connect has reduced our need to look externally for support. Our staff now offer support to each other.”

Claire Temple, Headteacher, Sandbrook Primary School

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“IRIS Connect costs a fraction of what we had previously spent and the impact has been significantly better.

Andrew Manley, Headteacher, Cefn and Craig yr Hesg Primary School

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“IRIS Connect helps to overcome timetabling constraints. I don’t think many people have ever had the time to visit other schools to share ideas, but with IRIS Connect we can develop our expertise beyond Hemsworth.”

Alison Liversage, Teaching and Learning Leader, Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy

anna ellis

“One of the biggest downsides to my job was that I’d never have enough time to see someone else teach as I used to have to get cover for my own class. Now, it’s so much easier with the use of IRIS Connect.”

Anna Ellis, English Lead Teacher, Whitcliffe Mount College

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Whole school improvement and increased collaboration

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“Deploying IRIS Connect cut our CPD budget in half, enabling us to unleash the collective capacity of our teachers.”

Helena Bryant, Assistant Head, St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

“All colleagues who are mentoring or supporting other staff use IRIS Connect. Watching a recording together saves on hours of cover and allows immediate impact.”

Claire Armitstead, Lead Teacher, Copthorne Primary School

malcolm drakes broadford

“IRIS Connect was vital in our journey of moving from Special Measures to Outstanding in 2 years.”

Malcolm Drakes, Headteacher, Broadford Primary School

phil spencer head

“It’s been a very worthwhile investment for me in supporting staff’s professional development, as well as their drive and commitment to achieving excellence.”

Peter Spencer, Headteacher, Queen Elizabeth High School

desiree hall west stems academy

“I can be in multiple rooms at the same time without actually being there.”

Desiree Hall, Teacher and Coach, West Hills STEM Academy

Anna Balson

“IRIS Connect has made it easier to plan bespoke training and to encourage staff to become learners, as well as build a culture of trust.”

Anna Balson, Headteacher, Mere Green Primary School

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Impactful and personalised professional development 

Lisa_middleton oak hill

“In my role as coach and mentor, IRIS Connect has been the most useful and powerful tool for improving teaching and learning quickly.”

Lisa Middleton, Assistant Headteacher, Oak Hill Academy

“This year our focus is to move more teaching to outstanding. We are really honing in on elements of practise with teachers through our professional development work, which is being driven using IRIS Connect and regular IRIS Connect film clubs.”

Claire Phillips, Deputy Head, Ainslie Wood Primary School

Lucy Allsopp

“It’s changed our whole class environment and allowed us to improve what we’re doing quickly.”

Helen Baker, Learning Assistant, Braunstone Primary School

anna ellis

“It’s been the greatest CPD tool I’ve come across during the 11 years of my career. I sincerely believe that it’s the future.”

Anna Ellis, English Teacher, Whitcliffe Mount

Jason Scrimshire

“I’m seeing massive improvements in myself and the colleagues I coach already as a result of this technology.”

Jason Scrimshire, Science Coordinator, Bosworth Academy

Debbie Jones

“IRIS Connect has enabled us to accelerate the impact of already powerful learning interventions and has resulted in unprecedented progress for our previously ‘stuck and stalled’ learners.”

Debbie Jones, Inclusion Manager, Westfields Junior School

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Powerful technology and unrivalled support

“We chose IRIS Connect over alternatives because it has the hardware/software balance we were after in one bundle. It is an intuitive platform based on sound academic theory and current practices.”

Daniel Simons, Director for Teaching and Learning, Trewirgie Junior School

mike fleetham coach

“When I first used IRIS Connect and its remote in-ear coaching facility I felt like a carpenter discovering powertools for the first time.”

Mike Fleetham, Coach and Consultant, Thinking Classroom


“I can’t praise the support we’ve had from IRIS Connect over the past three years highly enough. There’s no question about whether we’ll renew or not.”

John Bannister, Network Manager, St John Bosco Arts College

deborah texeira

“I was the first person to trial the Discovery Kit at school. It’s so simple to set up and use! Brilliant self-evaluation of my teaching.”

Deborah Texeira, Lead Teacher, ARK Tindal Primary Academy

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“Our consultant was not only warm and friendly, but also knowledgeable about pedagogy and experienced in the classroom. I think this is what sets IRIS Connect apart from others.”

Jamie Portman, Vice Principal, Darton College

Tim Eden bridgewater

“The TisL Programme is having a massive impact. IRIS Connect is not just something we use every few months, but almost every day. We are getting great value for our money.”

Tim Eden (@TEden1) Lead Practitioner for T&L at Bridgewater High School

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