Return on investment of IRIS Connect

How you choose to spend your school’s CPD budget will directly impact outcomes for your students. We are so confident in our technology and implementation support services that if you don’t see an impact, we’ll give you your money back*.

Impact of IRIS Connect on school improvement

An analysis on Ofsted data (February 2017), found that 64% of schools regularly using IRIS Connect improved by at least one Ofsted grade, in their last inspection cycle, compared to 42.5% of other schools.

Also, an analysis of the DfE’s CFR data shows that schools regularly using IRIS Connect:

  • Spent 8% less on cover teaching and 9% less on CPD than other schools
  • That’s an average saving of £12,247 / year
  • AND 64% improved by at least one Ofsted grade in their last inspection cycle compared to the national average of 42.5%

Increase / decrease of spending in 2015/16 compared to 2014/15:


Data is provided from the DfE’s full CFR reports 2014/15 and 2015/16 and Ofsted (at Jan 2017), cross-referenced with IRIS Connect customers who have used the system more than once a week. More details here >

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How can your school save money with IRIS Connect?

Cut lesson cover costs

Schools that have standardised on the use of IRIS Connect to improve observation and feedback see a significant reduction in lesson cover costs and are able to provide more supportive opportunities for staff.

I use IRIS Connect regularly to record myself doing model lessons, which I share with several NQTs, RQTs and student teachers at once. We don’t have to provide cover for colleagues to watch model lessons and several colleagues can benefit from one model lesson.

Claire Armistead, Leader of T&L at Copthorne Primary School

Make better use of internal expertise

Video makes it more time efficient to tap into the wealth of expertise within your professional learning community. This means that there is less need to seek expensive external input and coaching.

“After deploying IRIS Connect we cut our CPD budget in half as we were able to unleash the collective capacity of our teachers and stop sending teachers on courses that were too generic or not relevant.”

Helena Bryant, Assistant Head of T&L, St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

Meet all your teachers’ CPD needs under one roof, at a fraction of the cost

Access a set of FREE CPD resources and programmes in IRIS Connect that:

  • Are focused on the critical skills shown to improve learning outcomes
  • Blend research, models, reflection and coaching
  • Are on-demand, job-embedded and aligned with the DfE’s Standard for teachers’ professional development

95% of teachers engaged in our learning programme report changes to their practice as a result.

I saw changes to teachers’ practice almost immediately as a result of taking part in IRIS Connect Film Club.

Participant in IRIS Connect Film Club as part of an EEF project

Make teacher collaboration over distance cost-effective

Imagine…all of the English teachers across a MAT sharing resources and effective strategies at the click of a button. With IRIS Connect Groups you can plan, observe, and share resources. You can also give and receive feedback over distance, saving on the cost of travel and lesson cover whilst enabling meaningful collaboration at scale.

You can even share with schools who don’t have IRIS Connect via a network licence.

Two schools have created cross-school Groups in the IRIS Connect platform that allow peer-coaching between teachers of the same year groups across the two schools, which are 80 miles apart.

Rachel Tizard, Director of Learning at The Kemnal Academies Trust

Improve teacher retention

Recruitment costs are crippling for schools. Teachers using IRIS Connect report improved self-efficacy, which is shown to reduce staff turnover.

Read the “Recruit, train, develop, retain” report >

Ongoing professional development is increasingly key to recruitment and retention, IRIS Connect plays a part in that.”.


Nigel Currie, Assistant Head at Huntington School

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